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Why Project Based Learning?

Hi, and welcome to PBLS: Project Based Learning Supports.  Here we support the efforts of project based learning, or task based learning, through classroom activity resources, teacher resources, discussions, training’s and more!

The term “Project Based Learning” stems from the idea that learning about content in a project or application setting (essentially in a situation where the content would be needed to solve a real world problem) is a necessary skill for this generations young people to learn, as well as being an effective and engaging method of building content knowledge and understanding.

Project based learning tasks are by nature student-centered and offer a variety of differentiation options! They require students to build knowledge and understanding “just in time” rather than “on time”, and develop and hone students problem solving skills. PBL tasks are often cross-curricular, requiring students to apply their prior knowledge from other content areas, thus enriching and building their interconnected knowledge base.

Please stay tuned for more exciting content, offers, and resources!

“A Mountain is Built by Many Pebbles”



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